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Big feet = Big shoes

Every girls life struggle is finding shoes but for a tall person with big feet the struggle is even worse.

One of the most frustrating parts of being a tall girl is finding shoes. Yes they are out there but the majority looks like something a granny from the victorian age would wear (not my cup of tea). I always see these beautiful shoes in magazines and read about new trends, what to buy this season etc. But always know that I won’t be able to wear them. The first issue for me is heel height. Obviously at 6ft2 I stick out like a sore thumb in public but imagine me in 5inch heels. I wouldn’t be able to fit through doorways without having to bend down, also don’t forget the undeniable feeling of sticking out even more. The phrase ‘theres an elephant in the room’ is very applicable to this situation. The second problem is size … I have size 10 feet in the UK. I can’t walk into a normal store and pick a pair of a rack, no if I want new shoes its hours of searching online, paying for delivery and waiting. No room for last minute shopping. If I don’t have shoes that match my outfit for that night out i can’t just nip into town and buy a pair … no … I just have to completely change what I was going to wear. The key with buying shoes for big feet. STRATEGIC PLANNING.

If I’m even thinking of going out I have to already have five different outfits in my head that will all work with different shoes. I have to think how tall my friends are incase I look like the BFG next to them. I have to think ‘what if I meet a nice guy out who’s perfect but when I stand up in heels he feels uncomfortable’ and then after all the stress I usually end up going for black flats. The outfit killer.

Fortunately overtime the world has realised big footed girls really do exist. Where not a mythical creature anymore. With the generations getting taller feet are getting bigger, the result … more websites that accommodate big feet and with pretty shoes. No longer do I have to look through pages of victorian granny shoes but I can actually buy a pair of knee high boots or lace up heels (only 2 inches).

Here are a few of my faithful shoe websites;

• (tend to be wider fitting shoes)

• (great sales if you time it correctly)

• (great for trainers and converse in pretty colours)

• (be careful on sizes I had to go up 2 for a pair of heels)


K x


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