About Me

Welcome to my blog,

I’ve always thought about writing a blog and finally decided ‘why not’ so here it is … my ideas, my thoughts and my opinions on life, makeup and any other random thing that pops into my head.

So heres my story so far …

I am 22 and stand tall at 6ft1 with size 10 feet (yes a UK size 10), I was born in the top three percentile of my year group basically meaning I would always be the tallest one of my family and friends.

Unfortunately in my early years I was never one of the ‘popular’ kids at school and from around year 4 in primary school I was a victim of bullying. My being bullied was not because of the way I acted or what my parents did for a living it was down to one thing. Being different. By the time I had reached year 6 (11 years old) I was easily taller than all my teachers apart from the men. This is why I was excluded from groups in the playground, why I was never invited round to kids houses and why I was left alone.

In 2005 I moved from primary to high school, hoping that a new group of people in a brand new school would make a difference. But after the year 7 panto of Cinderella (I played Dandini) the bullying started again. Most kids grew inches over a year, i’d have growth spurts every month. Thankfully I have always been a sporty person growing up very active and at school it was no different I joined cricket, netball, athletics, basketball, rounders. I took PE at GCSE and A level and played basketball outside of school as well for a national team.

However this didn’t stop the bullying, at one point it had gotten so bad I kept trying to come up with reasons on missing school whether it was saying id make my own way and pretending I had just thrown up to punching my stomach or hitting my knees/ankles so I couldn’t walk properly and had to stay off to get better, my marks went down, I stopped doing homework, as well at my attitude with my family started to affect things at home. My bullying continued to year 10 when on a school trip I was left a voicemail by my so called ‘friends’ this voicemail had around 30 classmates heckling and abusing me down the phone. This then led to the lowest part of my life so far. At the end of year 10 I thought about taking my own life through an overdose. During a rough training session I broke down crying in the changing rooms and finally told my mum, this then led to me seeing a specialist to help deal with the bullying that had happened in my life.

To this day it is probably one of the worst and best things that could of happened in my life and was the turning point that led me to become the person I am today, I was given a book called Mind Over Mood written by Greenberger & Padesky (one of the best books I have ever read). With the help of the book and Emily my specialist I was able to become the stronger, independent women I am now.

Now I am currently in my final year at University and hoping to graduate with a high degree this coming July. I have an amazing family who love and support me, I have found a group of people who care about me,  I have travelled around the world and I have achieved much more than the kids that bullied me in my past. I can easily say I am a confident woman who stands up for herself and won’t let anyone control her life.

Always remember four things;

  1. No-one is allowed to make you doubt yourself or your own worth.
  2. No-one is allowed to affect how you live your life.
  3. No-one is allowed to make you feel bad without your consent.
  4. And lastly Live every moment, Laugh every day and Love beyond words.

K x





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